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Mystic Sunsets

Breeze and The Sun

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The Chart

Compiled by Mozambican label My Other Side Of The Moon, and hosted by Breeze And The Sun, the Mystic Sunsets chart is their team’s selection of the 20 best Afro House and Organic House tracks from around the world.



The host, label co-founder Breeze And The Sun is a classically trained guitarist/producer and DJ who fell in love with music at the age of 6.  As her passion was never limited to one genre of music, Breeze ventured into and discovered multiple styles. Today, after moving to Mozambique, Breeze and The Sun has defined her spirit and refined her sound with a sweet, yet powerful, African touch mixed with deep melodic, emotional and rhythmic house sonorities. Unafraid to experiment with sound, the romantic and passionate touch evident in Breeze’s productions and DJ sets alongside her technical knowledge, makes Breeze and The Sun a unique talent amongst her contemporaries.


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