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DRUMS RADIO is a MOVEMENT for creative excellence in celebrating the global, multi-faceted sound that is AfroHouse, a characteristically African sub-genre of House music with its roots firmly in South Africa.  


The CATALYST. A desire to hear the music we love continuously. The DRIVE.  Creating a platform to introduce an unsuspecting world, to the multitude of ARTISTS we partied to…laughed and cried with.  It’s an open door to a community of exceptionally talented creatives whose raw energy, and powerful expressions unify and captivate as you surrender to the call of the Ancestors.


DRUMS RADIO’s unique position as the only 24/7 platform dedicated to AFROHOUSE affords our family of global contributors the opportunity to share knowledge, develop and grow within a community of like-minded individuals.


#WeAreAncestral #Deep #Tribal #AfroHouse #AMApiano #RawandUnfiltered.


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