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Benny Blanco

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Benjamin Michael Veilleur aka Benny Blanco, The Foreigner was born in Paris region of Clamart, France and grew up in Chevilly-Larue until the age of 18.  Influenced by the diverse variety of musical tones and genres around him, a love for music was instilled into his DNA from a very young age.

In 2018 Benny discovered and fell in love with the South African township music Amapiano.  As the sound gripped the world throughout the pandemic the Frenchman become more invested in the sound, understanding its nuances and eagerly learning its history.  The genre was a true revelation to Benny, so much so that it pushed him to follow his love, and learn how to mix and seek knowledge from the source.  Learning alongside Mr JazziQ and the Brown is Black team in Johannesburg was definitely an eye-opener.

Being new and fresh to the sound Benny brings a new style to the usual Amapiano vibe.  A solid selector whose ears never fail is the foundation on which he’s crafted himself into a unique DJ who prides himself on broadcasting the deeper sounds from South Africa.  Residencies at Party Yanos and PapaPiano have enabled Benny to share his love for Amapiano with his growing fanbase and use his platform to introduce the sound to a wider audience.  Original productions are next on his horizons.  Look out for some unexpected collaborations from Benny Blanco DJ The Foreigner as he continues his Mapiano journey of discovery.


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