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Monday 10:00 pm 10:59 pm


LLeiL’s journey began in Morocco, and meandered through France before finally arriving in the cultural melting pot of the UK’s capital city, London.

Initially fascinated by rap in his native country as part of a group called the Bizzmakers, it was not until he arrived in France that his passion for electronic music and deep house was lit. That passion became an all-consuming obsession as he moved to London and began producing his own unique brand of songs. Influenced by African rhythms and harmonies with a touch of the orient, his tracks are a sublime example of the finer side of House Music.

Behind the decks his mixes are infused with the spirit of the Souks and the intoxicating tribal percussions that pervade North Africa, as he weaves a constant narrative that will take the audience on a fabled journey. His studio work is no less impressive and is an extension of the vibrancy he brings to the dance floor.

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