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Zulu Chic

Glo Susini

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GLO is a music fan, through her passion for dancing, she built a great collection of music, everything from Deep-Classic, Tech-House, House and Afro House Music.

Inspired by the Brazilian Model DJ JESUS LUZ, who took her to one of his gigs for her birthday, on stage with Jesus on his Electrified Tour in London Glo was captivated by his amazing performance, the happy crowd dancing, the music & vibes. Glo’s experience on stage with Jesus made such an impact on her life and instilled a desire to become a DJ.

After graduating from both a DJ and production courses GLO SUSINI has established a high-class reputation with her “Confidential” concept.  Her modelling background and connections with the fashion world have meant her performances are in demand at the most exclusive private parties of celebrities, MP, Princes and Princesses.

GLO played for 2 years consecutive years at Paris /Geneva Fashion Weeks, Vogue Italia, Africa Fashion TV and after parties for designers Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent and many others fashion icons. She has held DJ residencies at Higher Circle for Yachts and VIP venues, played some of the globes most iconic clubs – Ministry of Sound, Charlie of Berkeley Street, Maddox ( London ), Volt (Milan) Mad Club ( Lausanne), Viper ( Paris) Acrobat ( Athen) Art ( Berlin ) Space Monkey ( Zurich) Venue X ( Amsterdam) Lake Silver ( Geneva) to name a few.

With her trademark sound of high vibrational Afro House, Afrotech, Ancestral music Glo created the“Zulu Chic “brand – sophisticated melodic notes with the most intense tribal transcending sounds.

GLO SUSINI is on the decks for ZULU CHIC SHOW the third Monday of each month exclusive at Drums Radio.

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