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Born and raised in London, Moflo’s dynamic upbringing put him in early contact with the world’s ups and downs. An ear for African music developed in his earliest years becoming a passion, comfort and driving force. 

Now Moflo aims to bring his own fusion and flavour to Afro House and Afro Tech. While aspiring to represent Africas authentic richness through lavish vocals and wild drum patterns. 

The DJ/Producer Proudly holds down his bi-weekly Tuesday radio show on Drums Radio from 5 pm – 6 pm. While playing out frequently in London and around the UK at the likes of the Pickle factory, Lay-low and Glastonbury.

Moflo is launching a new Videoed set series called ‘LiveOnDeck.’ Bringing Lifestyle, aesthetics, location and an eventual platform for other DJs. As a Producer, Moflo has much underworks that will be set on the world in due time. 

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