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Afro House

Caiiro Set to Take the World by Storm

Global Album Launch at The Steel Yard in London The Album: 'Caiiro' Renowned DJ and producer Caiiro is thrilled to announce the release of his highly anticipated self-titled album, 'Caiiro,' set to drop in July 2024. This 14-track project is a testament to his exceptional talent, dedication, and unique sound, promising to push the boundaries of electronic music while staying true to his distinctive style.'Caiiro' is more than just an album; it's a meticulously crafted journey through intricate soundscapes and […]

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African Electronic Music

Desiree Puts Her Spin On Selaelo Selota Classic Thrrr… Phaaa!

A Cross Generational Collaboration Celebrating Pedi Culture Through Music South African DJ/producer DESIREE announced the release of her remix of Selaelo Selota's classic ‘Thrrr... Phaaa!’ this May, coinciding with Africa Month. DESIREE has been teasing the remix in her sets worldwide, sparking excitement among fans and DJs alike. After a warm reception at the DGTL Festival in the Netherlands, the highly anticipated track is finally available for music lovers. DESIREE explains,“What started as an edit for my DJ sets turned […]

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Stylised image of Jackson Brainwave -Ladylavq

Afro House

Jackson Brainwave Delivers With Ladylava

Banger Alert. Hailing from South Africa, Jackson Brainwave is known for his dynamic blend of traditional African rhythms and electronic sounds. Jackson Brainwave Ladylava The trailblazing Afro House music DJ and Producer Jackson Brainwave returns to FOMP From pulsating beats and percussions to hypnotic melodies of electronic music synths, 'Ladylava' draws from a diverse range of African elements and musical styles to create a sound that continues to push the Afro Tech boundaries.

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Umgido duo

African Electronic Music

Umgido A Great Voyage

Banger Alert. Umgindo Voyage 2 EP Bridges Music alumni Umgido return with another exciting genre bending musical offering. Out now on Aluku Records, a label leading the charge for African electronic music, Da Fresh and DJ Athie deliver a solid Afro House with a nod to progressive package. Describing their production as "Africa's Future Sound" the duo strike gold again!! The energetic Mars Dawn is dark and gutsy whilst Voyage 2 yearns for a summers day and long cooling drink […]

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Deep Essentials

African Electronic Dance Music

Deep Essentials Precious Love

Banger Alert. Deep Essentials Precious Love “Precious Love” is the latest offering from Tembisa's born and bred dynamic duo 'Deep Essentials'. The highly anticipated album showcases the producer’s signature style and musical prowess. The album is a 15 track journey featuring the likes of Fatso 98, Oddxperience, KayDeep and More. Fusing elements of deep house, soulful melodies, and Afro-house rhythms, 'Deep Essentials' takes the listeners on a captivating emotion filled sonic journey that'll take you from home to groove. Buy

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Charisse C - Morning Sun | Evergreen EP

African Electronic Dance Music

Charisse C debuts 4 Track EP Evergreen

Banger Alert. Charisse C, a DJ, artist, and the driving force behind Abantu, embodies a fusion of cultures and sounds that resonate deeply. Drawing from her Zimbabwean and South African roots while being raised in the UK, her selections are a testament to her diverse experiences. Renowned for her soulful, bass-heavy sets, she serves as both a vessel and storyteller, shaping the UK landscape of South Africa's electronic music scene. Described as a bridge-builder between continents by Mixmag and an […]

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L.A Dave

African Electronic Dance Music

La Dave’s DM Recordings Debut – Daikoku

Banger Alert. Globe trotter L.A. Dave has been a pioneering force in Nairobi's music scene for over thirteen years, blending Minimal Techno and Afro House influenced by his diverse musical journey.   L.A. Dave Daikoku Out on 26th April, his debut single invites listeners on a captivating sonic journey inspired by the vibrant car culture along the Daikoku Route in Yokohama, Japan. Named after the iconic rest area where enthusiasts gather, the track pulsates with explosive energy, evoking the adrenaline rush […]

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African Electronic Dance Music

Black Coffee In Netflix’s Rebel Moon

Black Coffee's Song Of Rebellion 'Ode To Ancestors' Dijimon Hounsou Collaboration Black Coffee, has once again embarked on a captivating journey, pushing African Electronic Music and blurring the boundaries between sound and cinema. This time, the renowned artist has lent his talents to the highly anticipated sequel of Netflix's Rebel Moon, directed by the visionary Zack Snyder. Scheduled for release on April 5, 2024, "Rebel Moon: Songs of the Rebellion" emerges as a sonic tapestry woven with the talents of […]

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African Electronic Dance Music

Nuzu Deep’s Musical Universe

A Journey Of Connections I Am One With The Universe In the realm of music there are few experiences as exciting as witnessing the birth of a collaborative masterpiece. For Nuzu Deep, the South African vocalist and dance artist known for her soul-stirring melodies, this thrill reached new heights with the inception of her latest project, "I Am One With The Universe." Born Future Mokoena on 29 March 1994, in Mganduzweni, Hazyview Mpumalanga, Nuzu Deep's musical odyssey began at the […]

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