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Uncover Music

UNCOVER MUSIC, a label dedicated solely to the pursuit of UNCOVERing the purest and most genuine sounds of House music from around the world.

Label founder Antonello Coghe has spent over 20 years cultivating his abilities.   A decade working in NYC with many of the living legends of the House music industry developing artists, music, and traveling the globe, Antonello has used those experiences wisely, taking stock in what matters and figuring out his role in the industry.

All the experiences and contemplating have brought him full circle to a place where he can express and share exceptional music…. UNCOVER MUSIC is that label.  A label he created with a full heart and simple desire to add quality and passion to the history of this industry while maintaining the creative integrity of all involved.

UNCOVER MUSIC is not about the fame or glitz, its focus is simple, UNCOVERING PURE GREAT MUSIC and getting it to, YOU, the people who appreciate it most.  Antonello’s vision is very clear he will uncover and develop amazing new music from around the world and expose it to music and fashion lovers alike.  We invite everyone to be on the look out for our releases with UNCOVER MUSIC.


Monthly, last Thursday, label head Antonello Coghe presents a mix from an artist who has released with the label for Uncover Music Session. 

Written by: Drums Radio Team

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