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Man like Trekkah has been making big waves on the U.K. Afro-House scene, pushing his token ‘Bubble & Bounce’ sound in an array of live shows and streamed sets with promoters, stations and channels such as Maluku Records, Mimm Radio, Drums Radio, Spiritual PL, Tribal Soul and Sonic Tone.

Hailing from depths of Sherwood Forest from the almighty Nottingham (U.K.) T.O.N.E.S collective, Trekkah has been instrumental in building up monthly events in Hood Town and orchestrating the Drums Radio ‘Afro-House All Stars Series’ presenting a collective of rising international stars from around the globe.

Collaborating with Zambian’s finest, the Kreative Nativez, Trekkah headed up the launch of the T.O.N.E.S label with the debut release ‘Safari Kamer’. Trekkah has also had releases ‘Ogbon’ and ‘Breath’ out on two soaring South African labels Sneja Recordings and Lukulu Recording. More recently Trekkah has had a Beatport chart topping release out on Moblack’s sub label Afro Zone – collaborating with South African duo Djamou Sangare and Cameroon vocalist Erik Aliana. He has some big tracks on the horizon also heavy weight labels, producers and vocalists in the international Afro house scene

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