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Adventures Of The Artisan

Presented by Emerzy Corbin

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Sunday 10:00 am 11:59 am


Having spent his life working in London, Emerzy Corbin is a self-taught photographer, author, clothing customizer, body painter and Dj whose work has been featured throughout London’s publications and exhibitions over several years. Developing a strong following through his vibrant and quirky style, Emerzy has used London’s popular, cosmopolitan culture to create an intimate familiarity with events, venues, and galleries within the city. 

Emerzy works with a diverse client base, including MTV Base, Newham Council, and Capital Extra., teaching photography skills to London’s youth. 

As a passionate, creative and result-oriented individual with a clear vision for creating conceptual photography, working with analog and digital equipment. In the modern world, a skill set such as this is hard to find. 

Emerzy has managed to merge his artistic vision with that of the industry, making his work stand out among others.  

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