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today 13 — 08my_locationAmazing Grace

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Veri Necessari is an electrifying party experience that is personally curated by the London tastemaker DJ Via Seri.

You’ll step into a pulsating atmosphere where rhythm reigns supreme and the beats of South Africa take centre stage.

Veri Necesseri celebrates the richness and diversity of Afro-centric music, showcasing the genre’s pioneers, emerging talents, and boundary-pushing DJs who curate sets designed to captivate the mind, body and soul. Feel the infectious energy of the drums, the bass lines, and the intoxicating blend of soulful vocals and tribal chants that fuel the dance floor.

Let the music guide your feet, and let the community of tastemakers ignite your passion for the vibrant world of Amapiano. Get ready to dance, connect, and celebrate the power of music. After all, it is Veri Necesseri – Welcome.

Begin 13 — 08 H 2:00 pm
End 14 — 08 H 12:00 am
Location Amazing Grace
Address 9A St Thomas Street


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