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Nitefreak joined forces with &friends and the remarkable vocalist Phina Asa to mark his debut on Tomorrowland Music with a captivating single, “Ike Onu,” which translates to “Stronger Together” from the Igbo dialect.

This exciting collaboration brings together the African producer Nitefreak, the &friends collective, and the dynamic vocalist Phina Asa. They are making their debut on Tomorrowland Music, the record imprint of the globally acclaimed dance brand.

The track’s poignant percussion incorporates signature sonic elements from both &friends and Nitefreak, blending them seamlessly into a harmonious composition. The song’s lyrics are heartfelt, reflecting on the challenges of the modern world while emphasizing the complexity of life and the importance of unity and collaboration for growth and resilience. This track aptly demonstrates the continued creative partnership that has propelled both Nitefreak and &friends onto the global stage uniting music lovers with their exceptional creations.


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