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Desiree Puts Her Spin On Selaelo Selota Classic Thrrr… Phaaa!

today16 — 05 23

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A Cross Generational Collaboration

Celebrating Pedi Culture Through Music

South African DJ/producer DESIREE announced the release of her remix of Selaelo Selota’s classic ‘Thrrr… Phaaa!’ this May, coinciding with Africa Month. DESIREE has been teasing the remix in her sets worldwide, sparking excitement among fans and DJs alike. After a warm reception at the DGTL Festival in the Netherlands, the highly anticipated track is finally available for music lovers.
DESIREE explains,

“What started as an edit for my DJ sets turned into a heartfelt rendition. My team and I pitched it to Selaelo, and to my delight, he agreed to make me the first official remixer of the song.”

Creating the remix was no easy feat. The original song is a live recording, with all elements – drums, vocals, instruments – on one track.

This made it challenging to isolate and manipulate individual elements, but it also fuelled my creativity,

DESIREE shares.

I aimed to blend the organic energy of live music with my electronic style.

Selaelo Selota - Thrrr... Phaaa! (DESIREE remix) covert art
The song ‘Thrrr… Phaaa!’ was originally introduced by Selaelo Selota in 2001 during live performances and later included as a live recording in his album ‘Enchanted Gardens’. Though DESIREE was only five years old at the time, the song resonated deeply with her, growing up in a Sepedi-speaking household. “Sepedi representation in South African music, especially electronic, is scarce. This remix is my homage to Selaelo’s work and a celebration of Sepedi culture,” DESIREE remarks. Releasing the remix just before Africa Day highlights its cultural significance.

The release bridges generations and celebrates Pedi heritage, featuring DESIREE and the iconic Selaelo Selota. The artwork for the remix prominently displays the Pedi velvet headwrap, a symbol of cultural pride for DESIREE and her family.

Written by: Drums Radio Team

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