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An energetic London based Afro House positive movement, bringing together passionate people, African house music and good vibes. MY VIBE MY TRIBE consists of 4 main people  (DJ IC, DJ Bobby Digital, DJ HardiHood and TaylorMade) bringing a different sound, vibe or guest DJ each week on their weekly morning show on Drums Radio (The Commute). The tribe are known for their positive energy and this is the name of their exclusive mix series titled (Positive Energy Only). Quarterly the tribe host their event titled (Education) An event that is targeted towards a crowed who simply just like to share positive energy and dance the night away!



London based DJ / Record Producer IC has released over 50 tracks.  DJ IC has previously brought his sounds to Taste FM, Deja Vu FM, Rinse FM, featured on Ministry Of Sound Radio. Some may know him from the group Aylesbury Allstars and more recently apart of Circle. This very talented DJ has been on the underground house scene for over a decade  and is still considered as an influencer within the circuit to many. Named after his icey slick mixing ability whilst being competent in the art of selecting music that appeases to both the ladies and the guys mixing vocals, base and energy. DJ IC is what we call seasoned.


Bobby Digital DJ

The Co Founder of Kings Of House & Rythm Box. Hailing from South London, Bobby Digital is influenced by his African roots. Fusing deep tribal and Afro Tech sounds. Bobby’s aim is always to take you on a journey filled with AFRO POWER, A DJ who prides himself on his ability to transition from track to track effortlessly whilst  mixing hard hitting, anncestral, electronic flavors. Bobby  has played at many promotions/venues across the UK and Ibiza. Minsitry Of Sound, Fire and Lightbox, Scala, The Den (Ibiza), Ibiza Rocks Boat Party, Club Lakota (Bristol) Club M (Luton)


HardiHood Music

The latest member to join the Tribe, HardiHood has been a session drummer in the industry for over 5 years and a DJ for 3 years . Music has always been a passion for Hardi from a young age, he taught himself to play the drums to an extremely high standard, earning the respect of established musicians and ensuring he is always in demand. From tours to long weeks in studios, at 24, HardiHood has been able to gain a vast amount of experience and has been able to work with musicians from all corners of all genres. Touring with Capital Radio roadshows over the UK  and the Far East playing for international artist Henry Huo (Huo Zun). Or playing to crowds of over 40,000. Hardihood is only at the start of his DJ’ing and producing career, using his instrumental experiences to help him deliver high energy, uplifting Afro House/Tech music that makes you want to jump off the walls.

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